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as i write this i am listening to “moonlight sonata” in a guest bedroom with the door shut wondering if i should have thanked you harder than i did for everything i got, feeling tired on the inside more than i am on the outside, wondering if you can hear me as i talk.


above all else / i am concerned / that you texted me / and i / didn’t / hear it / heart skipped a beat / look at the city lights out your window / blurring the faster you go / look at the unrealness of the sky out the window / the unrealness spreading around you / too quickly / feel the ghosts / leering over your shoulder / whispering a million / impossiblepossibilities / impossiblepossibilities / that turn into a lullaby if you drive quickly your heart turning you into a spooked bunny rabbit / no i don’t have instagram / used to think normal and good were the same thing / pretended to stare at the screen / trying to pluck the words from the sky / trying to figure out / desperately / how to say anything / back

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