but it’s just human nature (spoken word)

“Break in the Clouds” from TechoAXE.com (http://teknoaxe.com/Link_Code_4.php?q=1118&Genre=Piano)
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“Party Crowd Sound” by Daniel Simeon from soundbible.com (http://soundbible.com/2163-Party-Crowd.html)
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“City Traffic And Construction Sound” by Mike Koenig from soundbible.com (http://soundbible.com/491-City-Traffic-And-Construction.html)
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All of these sounds have been edited by me and are not in their original forms.

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i am strong (or something like that) – spoken word

“Prórroga de Tiempo C” from patrickdearteaga.com
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“Water drops” from freesound.org (https://freesound.org/people/Zaziesound/sounds/496305/)
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“Sounds of emei shan mountain (birds, river)” from freesound.org (https://freesound.org/people/EduFigg/sounds/454667/)
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Poem by me. All sounds have been edited by me.

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but it’s just human nature

and so brush off the red flags with positive affirmations, and a flick of your finger. you’re being dramatic. it’s just human nature. and i don’t think you’re supposed to have something to live for.

pounding drumbeats, and angry music, and standing on the edge, and footsteps against cork floor. and what are you doing? you shouldn’t feel angry like this. shouldn’t be losing control like this, and please stop telling yourself there’s nothing you can do about it.

you did something wrong. and you deserve to be punished. clenched fists, and a churning stomach.

they did something wrong. and they deserve to face your wrath for it. fast breathing, and a throat sore from screaming.

and look at this hole you’ve dug yourself into. look at the fires you’ve lit, and the homes you’ve torn up from the ground, and good god. what have you done to yourself?

I wanted this poem to feel really jarring and, I don’t know, rhythmic? A little like a heavy metal song in poetry, if that makes any sense. I don’t really know where it came from, it was just an empty file on Google Docs I opened up at school and then a couple days later I wrote this just based off the file name. Of late, I haven’t really been struggling with anger like I have in the past–but, well, I’ve been in some pretty bad places in terms of anger, and I wanted to just try and write that out.

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hold you

i wish i could hold you. wish i could turn the pain into beauty, and lay flowers on your shoulders and slowly wind the clock forward to a time when cars fly, and the sky dances, and we’re no longer broken. and i know things wouldn’t be perfect, but i’m tired of stitching myself together, scar by scar. tired of looking at myself in the mirror and falling apart on the bathroom floor.

i wish i could suffer the blows with you, and wipe away your forestfire tears, for as long as you need me too.

i wish i could write you a happy ending, where you don’t have to deal with any of this. because i hope you know every single day how beautifully imperfect you are. how you are so much more than any wound or scar. 

i wish you knew how much i care about you. because maybe i don’t know your name, or maybe i do. but i do know that you’re human, and you’re worth it, okay? you’re worth the space you take up. you’re worth all your flaws, and bad days. and we need you here. so please.


Listen to the spoken word version here.

hold you (spoken word)

I don’t have lots of time for a super detailed description, but I just want to say, this poem is for all of you struggling with mental health. No matter what you’re going through, even if it’s not the same as my experience, even if it feels like the world is against you, I promise you you’re not alone. You can do this. I hope this poem brings you just a small bit of comfort.

Song is “Canon in D” by Kevin MacLeod onfreemusicarchive.org The track can be found here.

This track has been edited by me. Used according to this license.

Poem and breathing sounds are mine. Read the written version here.

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