hello internet strangers! so, i decided i would post the text of some poems that i have already posted the spoken word recordings for. if you want to listen to the spoken word recording for this poem, click here.

hello / like you’re testing out the words / like they’re the rungs in a ladder to a place you’ve never been before / we’re alone in the car / hello hello hello / there used to be a man in your ward / who was partially blind / & partially deaf / he would say that / over & over / again / hello hello hello / betty are you there? betty i’m hungry! BETTY! / hello hello hello / what about monopoly / remember, granny? / there was a man in your ward / who used to bang his plastic / juice cup against the table / hands / shaking like houses in an earthquake / he would count buttons / hands / shaking / he had a voice so booming like his shouts were only made to destroy / the nurses played  him classical music / violins / shaking / when we see you / you say to me / oh / i forgot about you / i’m here now, granny / i try to say something funny / spin gold from straw / make light of it / like rumplestiltskin / there’s a woman who just died / whose hands / shook when they held mine who used to ask me / how i was doing / remember granny? / when she answered back / she said / i’m lonely / & i know that feeling / so fucking well / like /  alone in a house / hello / staring into your eyes not brave enough to say / hello / i look away / when strangers extend their hands / it feels like they’re somehow / assaulting my independence / when strangers look away / i want to cry / the issue with these thoughts is / sometimes i think there isn’t a middle ground / for us to talk about / it / let’s talk about it / can we talk about it / can we clear the sky / you’re not my therapist / i refuse to dump on you / i refuse to let you know when it might bury you like i have been buried / i refuse to ruin this perfect image of a girl / you had in mind / i refuse to let you treat me / carefully like i’m a vase about to explode hands / shaking / my world / is expanding / my world is dying / you won’t understand anymore / your world / is dying your brain / is dying the branches / kind of melting / you forget that i’m your granddaughter all the time now / hands / shaking / feelings / like a tangled pile of laundry / i can’t sort through / i don’t even know how that makes me feel / how do you love someone / when you never got to know them / how do you love someone / when they’re vanishing right in front of you / how do you love someone when / they never came out / how do you love a mirage / hello hello hello / you don’t intend to kill your houseplants / you don’t realize what you’re doing when clip off flowerbuds with your fingernails / you don’t realize it’s not a good idea to drop your dead flowers in the toilet / hello / sobbing into her shoulder / hello is anyone out there / hello / my world / feels like it’s collapsing / like i’m a morning glory / only look pretty at certain times / of the day / trust me / if you knew me when i’m crying / in that way like my throat running through a paper shredder like my whole body running / through a paper shredder / i don’t feel like you’d think these things of me / hello / you’re starting to forget language / hello / you look out the window / hello / hello / you close the door like it’s a barricade / like you’re defending against something / doesn’t that get lonely? / hello / we read aloud the winnie-the-pooh stories to you & we try to play a clapping game / you call yourself a bear of very little brain / hello / you used a walker for the first time today / hello / every time / we see you / something / has died

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all the scenery

a true story of love loss heartbreak whatever-fancy-words-you-want-to-call it etc.

the problem / with beautiful / is that it always ends / & i’m standing here after you closed the door  behind you / said you were going to work / waiting for a chance to say goodbye / my fingers brushing against the white enamel / waiting for a chance to continue the storyline / the problem is eventually everything you love / is going to stop / eventually all these records / are going to rot into the ground / all these books / won’t be remembered / all our skeletons / will be beyond / preservation / eventually / nothing will  be forever / eventually / all these houses we called home / will turn to dust / & i know / that’s a trillion years away / i know how long we have before the sun explodes / i know it’s not something i have to worry about / but it / will / happen / think about that don’t / think about that. // i know when you interview me / you act like / you’re trying to sort my personality into neat little columns / so i can see myself but in a different font with the contrast / up / i know when i talk about it it makes so much sense to say three words / it’s always three words / i / am / sad / i / am / angry / i / am / in / love / i / am / happy / but it’s not that simple / there are scabs / scattered across my face / even though i can’t / get / it / perfect / even though / saying hello makes me cringe / at this mess of a person i’ve become & / by mess / i mean i feel like a rearrangement of / broken mirrors / i feel like / a kind of rearrangement of / dead plants / got pulled up by the roots  / when you look into the mirror really / really close / all the flaws appear / all the skin / keeps turning into a monster’s / i mean i’m not perfect / i mean my cheeks are the battlefields my anxiety likes to have its bloodbath skirmishes across i mean / if i were younger / or a boy / or just / prouder / happier / confident-er / didn’t care / didn’t yearn for love like rapunzel / wants to know / what dirt / feels like / like the little mermaid / wants to walk on the beaches / rather than swimming in the water / & i went to school with hair that makes me look like a wild thing with battlefields on my forehead / it would probably seem a lot better / a lot easier / a lot better / a lot easier / a lot prettier / prettier / prettier / when i look in the mirror / all the flaws circle themselves in red pen / & then in highlighter / it’s a sunny day / & the misshapen leaves have this way of glowing green after the snow / & i’m only feeling somewhat unexhausted / because i drank coffee /  i am like a textbook case of / how anger / drives you crazy / like living with your own torturer / she / had a point here / i feel like one of those dancers / getting raised up in the air / spin around / spin around little / pretty bird / i mean / even if i gave you / half my effort / like effort was water / i could bathe you in / i don’t feel like it would matter / not really / i want to talk / with you / except / i don’t think anyone else wants / me to / i feel so / aimless / sometimes / & by aimless i don’t mean / i didn’t know / where to fire i mean / i fired / & now i’m sort of floating in the air / wondering / if i could go back / scared of the posters on the doors / i run out of the building sometimes / & it feels like / there were these wings / folded up / on my back /  i never noticed before / never felt before / i’m wondering how to distinguish between / hungry / & fed up / how to distinguish between / exhausted / & burnt out / wondering / if sleeping / really makes anything better anyway wondering / why / i can’t / treat myself / any better knowing / the answer / what i really mean / is i’m like a little kid asking their parents why / they have to eat / this stupid asparagus / asking their parents / why they have to do this / knowing that talking to you is like talking into a wall of concrete & expecting it to understand you you / knowing / it won’t make a difference / the problem with this book / is i open it when it’s 3a.m. in my heart & i’m screaming at myself for being like this thinking it’s an effective gardening technique / to kill all your weeds / to kill all your plants / & now your backyard is this wasteland you don’t know how to navigate / & it’s starting to rain / & now you’re stranded in the middle of your own website / except you’re not really stranded / you know how to swim across the ocean / you just wish / that yelling it made people more inclined / to listen / & / hanging my head like / a hemlock / in the process of falling / telling you / this battle is over / is like / dipping your toes into / melting hot water / moving / inch by inch / struggling to believe / those inches will someday turn into kilometres / the problem / with beautiful / is that i’m reading this book / falling in love with you / crying inside every time / you do / i’m reading this book remembering / what peace / is remembering / what love is remembering / what it looks like to have dreams / that we learned how to cup in our hands / like bathwater / for years without a single drop / slipping away / & then / i sort of flip / to part three / & now i’m starting to cry / because i just pulled up a bunch of dead kale / & chard / & lettuce / & then called this / march / called it / marching / called it making way for the new / called it springtime / but really what i mean / is every / pretty thing seems / to have bloodstains / on its / fingertips  / & really what i mean / is i’m at part 3 / & i’m considering / not reading any further / because i know how this ends / because i know / that i’m like a moth / flying into a housefire / watching you / make flowers / only to rip them apart / petal / by / petal / falling onto the gravel / why is it / that some people / don’t deserve a happily ever after?