fill me up. right to the brim. watch me dance around the kitchen, and sing off-key to cheesy pop songs i haven’t heard since i was eleven.

or roll around in campground fields, and laugh like an idiot. because i forgot that being happy felt… like this. like this, and this, and this… forgot that i even had a life outside of a computer screen, to be honest.

but i do. and i know it’s not perfect. but it’s hard not to believe that… maybe things are gonna be okay. maybe we’ll climb trees and listen to podcasts, and i will love you more than anything in this. exact. moment.

and i know it’s been a while. know the world is a mess. but i promise you. we’ll work it out. just like we always do.

I feel like I just have this whole recurring series of sappy friendship poems, and it’s just… a thing, I guess–yeah. I don’t know if anyone really likes these things, but, yanno, they make me happy, and hopefully they make you happy too. I wrote this piece the first time I saw my best friend after three months of quarantine, and… I don’t know, it was a really good day. And I guess I just wanted to write something to, in some small way, preserve it. Because that moment was really special to me.

Lots of love,



i think today is going to be a good day. as my shoulders fall, and the wind blows through my hair. i think i’m gonna be okay.

i think i’m gonna close my eyes, and lift my head toward the sky. i think the sunlight will shine on my cheeks, and i will feel beautiful just as i am. today.

i think i’m gonna lie down on the grass, and let myself just breathe. and maybe tomorrow, the darkness will fall. maybe tomorrow, the clouds will bring me to my knees. but right now, none of that matters.

right now, i’m free.

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cold (spoken word)

“Resilience” used according to license from

“Wind Sound” by Mark DiAngelo on (

Poem and whispering in background by me!

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autumn leaves

let’s go to the park and pretend nothing ever happened. pretend we’re just two kids, in early november on a swingset. let’s bury ourselves in leaves until there’s nothing left but vague wisps of painful memories.

let’s watch shitty adaptations of romeo and juliet and laugh ourselves silly. let’s dance on bookshelves, and make stupid jokes, and cookies, and superhero alter-egos, and butcher the word tortilla, and talk over our feelings with copious amounts of tea.

let’s look at the stars, because i’m not afraid of the dark anymore. i mean, it’s not like i haven’t been through worse.  

and sometimes, that makes me so angry. because i never got that chance. to just be innocent, and carefree, and happy. i don’t even know what an okay version of myself would look like, honestly.

but for what it’s worth… when i’m with you, i feel like a kid. like the person i never got to be. like some small piece of an alternate universe brought into reality. like i’m free.

and i know that shouldn’t seem like a huge deal. but it means the world to me.

I feel like I’ve been writing a lot of sad stuff of late, so time for your weekly dose of tooth-rottingly fluffy friendship poetry for your poetry needs. I actually kind of hate this right now, but it was in my queue, and I don’t have anything else to post for today, so, uh, here you all go. 

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september 1st, 2019

and i’m walking home, just a little after sunset. and it’s the kind of day where i can’t help but think that maybe someday, i’ll be free of this. or maybe someday, i’ll at least know how to manage it. maybe someday i won’t have dreams, i’ll have goals, and goals will be real. and my thoughts will be known. and maybe someday i won’t feel like such an idiot for having hope. maybe i can do something in the world. and maybe someday, all of this will be distant. and my lungs will be clear. and… maybe someday, i’ll be able to really say that i’m happy. and even if every day in my life is only ever spent just working towards being all right like that, it will have been worth it. all this pain, and suffering, and stepping of shards of glass and nights spent crying alone. because it’s the kind of day where you try to breathe, but it’s so hard not to feel alone. the kind of day where you just want to run and hide from everything you’ve ever known. and every time you look ahead, the trail feels just a little longer. and the shadows just a little taller. and you can’t help but feel alone. and you can’t breathe, as the sky unfolds above you. but somehow, you find it in you to let go.

this took so ridiculously long to write and edit and stuff. im so glad it’s finished now.

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